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Comb Bundle - For Wash-N-Go Styling and Detangling

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Make Wash Day easier with the right tools for your hair.  This collection of combs cuts our Wash-N-Go time in half!


What you will love about this Set of Favorite Combs from Urbanbella:

  • The Detangling Comb - If you have seen us working on our clients you will know that we find detangling to be a breeze.  Its a combination of our great conditioners and a comb that just makes the process easy.  We use the detangling comb to glide through the thickest hair you can imagine. And fast!
  • The Parting Comb - This handy dandy little comb is perfect for parting your hair in nice clean sections.  This makes applying products easier and faster.
  • The Curl Defining Comb - Use this tool to comb through your hair just before applying your Urbanbella Gel to any section and then again to comb the gel through.  It helps to make sure the gel is thoroughly applied to each section which gives you better curl definition, better elongation and longer-lasting style.


What is it?

3 Combs used to detangle and style natural hair.

How to use:

1. Comb through small sections of your hair with conditioner on using the detangling comb. Follow with the Urbanbella Deep Conditioning program.

2. While styling and applying gel use the rattail comb to carve out smooth sections of hair to style

3. With small amounts of gel on each section comb through hair with Wide End of Curl Defining Comb to increase definition, elongation and style longevity.



Easy time managing your natural hair



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