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SanMinos - Internal Item for Fulfilment Staff - DO NOT PURCHASE

VIP Price: $120.00
Regular Price: $150.00

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This is a special treatment and is apart of the Recherchè Collection.  This particular item is available exclusively to VIP Members.

The Recherchè Collection is an artisanal curation of rare potions and elixirs. 



The Recherchè Collection Story.....

As a cosmetics formulator I am constantly developing and trying new things. I have a wonderful archive of formulas that I have created over the past 12 years and every now and again something new gets offered to you. Many times I am testing the current collection with different fragrances and extra ingredients to improve your experience. This collection of rare items is a result of my work and only available from time to time in limited quantities. It is the Recherché Collection. Some items represent special things I make just for myself and I want to share those things with you. These rare and refined items represent true passion for what I am blessed to do. Please enjoy them as you would any other Urbanbella product.

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