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Clean and Beauty... That Works

February 07, 2020

Clean and Beauty... That Works

Knowledge is Power

Have you heard of the “Clean Beauty” movement yet? If you haven’t heard the term, you’ll probably be hearing a lot more about it, as a revolution is upon us. Many consumers are now connecting the dots between exposure to toxic substances in the products we use on our hair and body, and their associated health risks. 

It makes you ask, how have companies gotten away with this for so long? Well, due to a largely unregulated industry and very few laws requiring accurate labeling and marketing. For years, leading cosmetic companies have been getting away with lacing their products with cheap harmful ingredients, when they could have been using safer alternatives to achieve the same result.  And let’s be honest...they get away with it because we blindly trust them. Products we used to love are loaded with chemicals that have been proven to harm us and the environment, with some known for causing reproductive issues, disrupting hormonal function and even causing breast cancer. 


It Contains What...?!?! 🤯

Have you ever picked up a product claiming to be “Natural”, “Organic” or some other catchy term that sounds wholesome and nourishing and downright glorious… only to turn the bottle over and see an ingredient list that’s longer than the last novel you read, and full of chemicals you can barely even pronounce, let alone know what the heck they do or why they’re even in there.  Here’s the facts-

  • A lot of the chemicals in your beauty products are the more toxic versions of preservatives, artificial colorings and synthetic fragrances, and we’re finally getting wise to the fact that they’re just not necessary for products to be effective. 
  • There are many proven safe alternatives that companies can choose to use instead of the toxic ones, but that is completely their choice.  And to be honest with you...they are more expensive.
  • It’s our responsibility to inform ourselves about which ingredients are “Clean” and which are not, as the cosmetic companies are not required by law to disclose this to us. Many will use clever marketing and misleading labeling to confuse us and even fool us into thinking a product is safe to use.

Not All Chemicals Are Evil 😈

Here’s where things can get tricky... Because not all chemicals are bad for us. 

Don’t panic when you see chemicals on a label! Just learn to recognize the ones that could potentially take out a small village.

Think of it this way- some ingredients are completely necessary in your hair and skin care products for them to be effective and shelf-stable, especially hydrating and moisturizing products that contain water and can grow mold easily. These REQUIRE a preservative. But there are safe and unsafe types of these ingredients that companies can use. Here’s how you can ensure your peace of mind: 

  • Choose smaller brands--many of whom have aligned themselves with the “Clean Beauty” movement and made a commitment to their customers to not use any ingredients that are suspected or proven to be toxic. Here’s a tip about small brands--most of them make products with fewer ingredients and therefore are usually cleaner and healthier.
  • Don’t be afraid to look up the associated health risks when you see an ingredient you’re not sure about... In this age of technology, we have the entire internet at our fingertips when we’re out shopping. Thanks for the second opinion, Dr. Google!  
  • You can check out the website Short for 'Environmental Working Group', this organization is dedicated to grading products according to the safety of the ingredients. Just a note about it: use it as a general guide, not a Holy Grail. They are not accurate about EVERYTHING (I personally have found them to be a little extreme) but can be helpful when you're not sure. 
  • Learn to recognize the particularly dangerous ingredients. Especially steer clear of products containing Formaldehyde and Phthalates... These are the worst offenders.

Does This Mean I Have To Make Sacrifices?


Not all the time. Let me be real with you here…The tricky part for companies like ours is that we want to give you the cleanest products we can- with ingredients as close to the way Mother Nature provided as possible- before they are processed for cosmetics. 

However, you can't always get good results with simply that. At least not the results you want… Think extreme shine on your hair and skin, or products that smell like fruit and berries. To give you an example- the incredible fragrance you get from real fruit and berries just can’t be captured in its essence and replicated by synthetic ingredients. Imagine smelling a delicious, juicy, real strawberry kissed by the sun... versus a strawberry-scented lip balm.

Unfortunately, having a bunch of freshly chopped strawberries in your cosmetics just ain’t gonna work. Get me now? So sometimes au naturel is just not as fun for us girls.  

The challenge product companies face is working to get you cleaner and greener products, while still ensuring they work properly, and that you enjoy using them. 

We don’t want to sacrifice looking our best for the sake of our health… And we don’t want you to either.  

At Urbanbella you don’t have to choose between products that are “Clean” and products that actually work, because our mission is to bring you the best of both worlds. 

The best part of my job is listening to what you need and want. Since the natural hair movement kicked-off, we all began learning that everyone’s hair needs different things. 

Many of us suffer from allergies and sensitivities, and cannot use nut-based oils and butters. Even more of us are allergic and sensitive to fragrance. 

With the important mission of catering to your specific needs in mind, I worked in my lab and in the Urbanbella Salon to develop the Urbanbella Neat Collection. 

You can have gorgeous hair AND peace of mind with this powerhouse collection. Mix and match the products to achieve the regime right for your natural hair type, and smile knowing your health is in safe hands. If you are looking to start your Clean Beauty Journey, you can trust that the Urbanbella collection will meet your needs. Check out the Urbanbella Neat Hair Care Full Set. This bundle will show you just how gorgeous your hair can be while you’re going nut-free, fragrance-free and allergen-free.

Our Commitment to You

I personally developed each and every product here at Urbanbella and up until this past Christmas I personally manufactured each product. (Talk about handmade!). So, as the maker, I am even more exposed to the chemicals and their dangers in their raw form than you all are when using it. I am saying this to convey that I would never work with something that makes me nervous about my health. 

Because we are not a traditional product company, we have always been clean and green.  I have never had a different mindset about or a different approach to what you are putting on your hair and skin. Largely because I make the products myself. I designed and created them right here in Atlanta. I’m working directly with the raw materials, testing ingredients on my own skin (and some friends and team members and clients). To really help you understand, the ingredients in their raw form before I put them in a product are even more dangerous to me in their high exposure, than they will be to you in their smaller concentrations in the finished product. I am not prepared to put my own health at risk in this process in the name of beauty, so you can be assured that none of our products are going to harm you. 

When you reach for one of our products, you can feel confident that it was made by a woman who used it first. Our company puts the health of you and your family first. 

Always have. Always will.

I try to go as natural and simple with every product I design for you, especially with something we use so intimately on our bodies.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the little choices you make. We hope you join us in doing right by our bodies and the environment by choosing Clean Beauty and choosing Urbanbella’s Brand of Beauty Products.


Coming Clean and Green for 16 years, 

Keneesha xx

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