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Where are you located?  

325 Hammond Drive Suite 303B, Atlanta, GA 30328

What is your phone number?


When are you open?

Tuesday - Friday 11 am to 7 pm EST

Saturday 11 am to 4 pm EST

Can I come to your store and buy hair care and beauty products without an appointment?

Yes. Please do!  Our staff is available to answer your natural hair questions and can help you select the right products.

Do you make your own products?

Yes, we do.  The Urbanbella Collection is developed by the founder Keneesha Hudson and then manufactured and ready for you to use by our in-house team.

Are your products completely natural?

We aim to use natural ingredients wherever we can and many of our product have 90% or more natural ingridients.  We do use synthentic ingredients for performance and to also to keep you safe from bacteria growing in your products.

Do you have a Hair Salon?

Urbanbella did offer salon services for 16 years and we loved serving you and helping you with your Natural Hair in our salon.  The founder, Keneesha decided to discontinue services in 2020 and work with the wonderful Urbanbella Salon Partners.  They use Urbanbella Products and can assist you with hair care services for textured natural hair.

What is your return policy on products?

If you purchase a product from us please contact us right away if there is an issue with how it performs.  We can guide you in the right direction to getting the results you need.  If we are unable to do that then we are happy to give you a full refund.