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The Urbanbella Guide to Vaginal Health

January 21, 2020 1 Comment

The Urbanbella Guide to Vaginal Health

Surely It Can’t Just Be Me…  

Let’s sit crooked and talk straight. Do you have a love/hate relationship with your vagina?

Just like any friend who can unleash her less-delightful side on you every now and then, your nether-regions can too when you’re not treating her right. For those rough days, just be comforted knowing that you can reclaim a happy balance once again with a bit of know-how. 

After years of dealing with the backlash of an angry vagina, we have made about every mistake in the book. From a revolving door of visits to the OB/GYN; incorrectly treating infections we can easily prevent ourselves with some surprising habits; to trying the myriad of products out there that always seem to perpetuate the issues.

Now we have the answers you need, so you can join us in living by a deceptively simple set of rules that mean you and your nether-regions need never declare WWIII on each other again.

Neutrality is Queen 

I’m not sure I can emphasize this point enough. We’ve all heard about the benefits of maintaining a healthy pH balance, but how does this translate to the real world?  Two words - Probiotics and Boric Acid.

Hands up - who cringes at the thought of a visit to the doctor for that inevitable awkward conversation? It usually ends the same way too; they’ll throw a bunch of broad-spectrum antibiotics at your problems, which in a truly counter-intuitive fashion seems to help at first, but ultimately skews everything even more out of balance and sets you up for failure at the completion of the treatment course.

The vagina functions in a relatively acidic environment, ranging from 3.8-4.5pH. This acidity is due to the existence of Lactobacilli - a “good” bacteria whose lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide production creates an inhospitable environment for “bad” bacteria, fungi, and infections to flourish. Often the cause of odor, irritation and infections such as bacterial vaginosis is a disruption in this delicate balance.

This can be due to a variety of unavoidable reasons such as hormonal changes, stress, improper hygiene and even our favorite time of the month - shark week. But don’t sweat it, the secret weapon to keep the doctor at bay- (you don’t even need an apple a day, although a healthy diet definitely doesn’t hurt!)  - is to remember that the right bacteria is indeed your ally.

You can feed this good bacteria by taking probiotics every day - invest in a high-quality brand whose capsule and formulation are designed specifically to withstand the aggressive stomach acid and allow the live probiotics to be absorbed effectively. Something with over 50 billion live cultures and marketed specifically for women’s health should have the right amount of Lactobacilli to keep things ticking along nicely. 

Now come in close for this next one. We’re about to drop the mic with news of a product you’ll really benefit from. Have you heard of the miraculous effects of using Boric Acid? 




This is a little-known supplement that hasn’t gained much traction despite its high efficacy and has significantly contributed to us receiving repeated compliments and exclamations of disbelief that, “It smells like nothing!” downstairs.

Boric Acid is like a big glass of green juice for your vagina, and it works in the same way the probiotics you take for healthy digestion do. It feeds the good bacteria, and they fight off the bad bacteria, so you’re creating an awesome environment for neutral pH. This one’s a bit trickier than the probiotics that you can pop with your breakfast cereal and multivitamins in the morning, as it’s a vaginal suppository.

That’s right... meaning that they are inserted into the vagina. Some brands on the market now come with similar applicators to tampons included in the kit, to make them even easier to use.  

Take it from us though, you’ll want to make sure these are securely stashed away from the rest of your vitamins, as they’re highly toxic if taken orally. Unless you’re trying to slowly poison and kill off a cheating boyfriend without detection (juuuust kidding, we’re just making sure you’re still paying attention!), it’s safe to give it a bit of time to make sure it’s all out of your vagina before letting your fella dine at the “Y” again!

Vaginas are amazingly self-cleaning, so this should only take a day or so. Talk to your doctor to see if Boric Acid is right for you, you’ll thank us later. And if you’re feeling a little squeamish about using a vaginal suppository (translation: rummaging around in your nether-regions), it’s time for another truth bomb…



Treat Her Right and She Will Love You Back

Getting familiar with all the fabulous folds that make you uniquely you, is key getting a grip on your vaginal health. What better way to get familiar than once a day while you’re in the shower? As we discussed, that pH balance is everything, so the less products with chemicals and artificial fragrances you can introduce into the environment, the better.

Washing with a very small amount of mild natural soap externally along with a good thorough rinse right up in your business with lots of warm running water is the best way in our experience to keep things smelling gorgeous. It also helps to avoid bubble baths and jacuzzis as much as possible, and anything else that’s going to expose you to harsh chemicals internally and throw off that sacred pH balance. Adding a little bit of our Rosey Georgia Body Oil also helps to keep everything nice & tidy down there.


Don’t forget to change out of sweaty gym clothes straight after a vigorous workout, and if you’re anything like us and work up a sweat in your daily grind, stash some baby wipes in your purse for a quick freshen-up in the middle of a long shift to keep you at the top of your game.

It’s as simple as that. That’s all you need to do to keep it clean. Take this as permission that you can officially ditch the douche.

And Finally, A Good Romp in the Hay…  

While we’re on the topic of things going in there, sexual health can’t be emphasized enough. Of course you already take the necessary precautions and take charge of your birth control and STD protection, but sometimes thinking beyond the usual basics of safe sex, and how to help things stay in balance down there are an after-thought.

Experimenting with a seemingly unending series of personal lubricants can irritate you for days after using, and you may find you’re experiencing recurrent bacterial infections after a spirited romp. But research has revealed great success using natural lubricants instead.

Feel free to experiment with what works best for you - anything you can eat is safe to use, but Coconut Oil is a favorite; you’ll probably have it in your kitchen already. It doesn’t get sticky or dry out, it tastes good, and helps everything stay harmonious between the sheets!

Take a page from our book and have a quick freshen-up straight after sex too. We get it if you can’t manage to take a shower, but you can at least dash to the restroom - this simple trick will flush out any bacteria that could travel up your urethra and cause a pesky UTI.

This also prevents pH-basic semen from altering the acidity in your vagina if you’re not using condoms. Let’s face it, we were going in there anyways to check in the mirror that our locks are still looking fabulous in our post-coital glow.

The Dynamic Duo

It’s time to go forth and conquer with confidence. We are all here to appreciate our beautifully unique bodies, acknowledge our powerfully sacred feminine energy, and to enjoy the journey - and we hope you’ll join us.

Besides, it’s fun and gratifying to emphasize our magic and be adventurous. We’re on the leading edge of a new decade of female empowerment and sexual liberation, and it is something to be unashamedly celebrated. 

Join the conversation in the comments below; I’d love to hear any tips and tricks of your own!

Till Next Time,


P.S. Indulge in some Bath-time Bliss with our Urbanbella Rosey Georgia Peach Body Butter.  It will keep your skin buttery soft and glowing all day! Rub some on dry areas like heels and elbow to soften dry and cracked skin. 

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Namdee Desta
Namdee Desta

July 18, 2020

Extremely informative article and thank you for writing on a subject that is generally considered taboo.

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