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The Urbanbella Hair Characterisitcs - A Different Approach to Learning About Your Natural Hair

April 28, 2021 1 Comment

The Urbanbella Hair Characterisitcs - A Different Approach to Learning About Your Natural Hair

Let's Consider Dropping Hair Typing

Hair Typing is a big thing.  I know it.  We all know it.  But what if it was just too limiting?  What if it really does not  explain anything to you. Personally and professionally I don't see where it helps very much.

It's a general start but really it seems to divide us as textured hair women versus unite us.  I am proposing we don't lean on our individual Hair Types as much as we begin to look at the details of our hair.

Your Unique Characteristics = Your Unique Hair Type

Let's think about Hair Typing the way we would skincare or make-up. Just like you would look at the details of your skin.  You would not stop at your complexion to make major skincare decisions.    You would analyze how your skin responds to a variety of moisturizers and cleansers.  You would look at the level of sensitivity for your skin.  I do acknowledge that you are more likely to take advice for skincare and make-up from a woman the same complexion as you.  But as an example...I am more likey to take make-up advice from a woman with hooded eye-lids versus a woman with the same eye color as me or the same skin color as me.  I need to understand what techniques she uses to fix the challenges for hooded-eye lids.  If you have hooded eye-lids you know what I mean...but back to hair.

Relating to Other Naturals

You are going to relate better to a woman who has low porosity hair and understands your challenges to moisutrize hair with this characteristic.  You're going to ask her what moisturizers help her versus asking a woman who sharings a hair type with you.  That actually means NOTHING to you.  But someone having low-porosity and has solved moisture problems could really have a positive impact on your hair goals.

In addition, most of the time we are comparing ourselves to women who we think have an ideal scenario. So this means her hair is styled and every strand is where it should be.  So you don't always know what people are working with and the finished look does not tell you the entire story.

What to Look Forward To

I want to take the time in this post to layout the most important hair characteristics and over the Spring Season we will dive into each one. If  discussing the characteristics together helps you understand them better then I will  group them...such as Curl Diamter and Curl Shape.

The Characterisitcs

This Blog Post will direct you to all of the other blog posts related to the Urbanbella Natural Hair Characteristics and Natural Hair Typing.  Bookmark this article to easily find the other related educational pieces that I have written for you.

Please note that as of the date of this post all of the related educational material has not been created.  If you are reading this when I first posted please save this link for the updated content that I am adding.

The List

Natural Hair Typing : A Push to Move on To Be more Specific

 Curl Diameter & Curl Shape

Porosity Level


Volume & Texture

Ease of Definition

Talk to Me

As always I love hearing from you. Please post your questions, thoughts and your take on Natural Hair Typing.  It helps us all grow as a community and we are on this wonderful journey together.

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Stephanie Cooksey
Stephanie Cooksey

May 11, 2021

Can you tell me if your products are sold in Dallas, Texas.

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