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No. 34 Tamu Curls®

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Giving your curls soft hold and beautiful shine in a Gel! This blend is a special order for someone special, our long-time client Tamu!

Years ago, we wanted to get her curls nice and soft and easy to manage. So, I went into my lab and worked a few concoctions and this baby was born! Of course, we named it after her!

This gel is super-duper soft. If you struggle with dry hair, then those days are over with this gel. We use it by itself or with Cre’gel and No.54 Gel. It makes both of those gels softer.

I am happy to report that Tamu and our customers are happy with what we created and have been buying it at the Urbanbella Atlanta retail store for a few years.


Urbanbella No. 34 Tamu Curls® Tutorial

This video is a collection of Natural Hair Styles using Urbanbella Products.  The styles here range from twist sets to Urbanbella Wash-n-Go's.  We want you to see our products at work on multiple textures.


What is it?

A very soft hair gel we made for dry and kinky Type 4C Hair.  The purpose is to make up for any moisture lacking in your hair with a Styling Product

How to use:
  • Great to use on dry winter days and dry summer days
  • Use less when humidity is high
  • Use more when humidity is low 
  • Dry and Hot out today?  Go for it!
  • Cold and Dry winter day? Go for it!
  • Dry and humid today? Mix with a little Cre'Gel or Neat Extra Firm
  • Wet and humid today? Mix with a little Cre'Gel or Neat Extra Firm
  • Hydration Scale of 1-5 = 4.5
  • Soft Hold - really soft
  • Great to use on dry winter days and dry summer days
  • Curl Definition that lasts 7-14 days 
  • Wash-N-Go - All textures
  • Twist Sets - Use a light amount 
  • Ph - 5-5.5
Key Ingredients:

A humectant that help hair retain moisture in a dry environment.

A powerful, natural moisturizer that gives additional hydration to curls and shine.

Gives hold to your curls and shine without being brittle.  

Full ingredient list

No. 34 Tamu Curls®

Water, Xanthan Gum, Linseed Extract, Glycerin, Nectar, Fragrance, Pectin, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid

Claims: Very soft product with excellent curl definition

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yolanda Taylor
Wash Day w/Tami #34

Started with #78, followed by #7. Applied San Minos and sat under a heat cap. Finished with Tamil #34 and and visit under a hooded dryer and the results are phenomenal soft defined curls. My hair is prone to dryness due to medication and I never thought I’d ever see my soft curls again. Will order more #34.

Linda Fisher
Tamu Curls #34

I love it!
I have a natural curl and a great shine.
I will be recommending to family and friends.
I will be ordering more.

Best Moisturizing Gel Ever!

I absolutely love this gel. I have dry 4c type hair, and since using this gel, along with Keneesha’s other wonderful haircare products (the shampoo and conditioner), my moisture level has increased significantly (in just a month’s time). My hair is so soft and manageable, and my curls pop!!! My wash-n-go lasts for a week using this gel. Love love love it! Thanks so much.


This product keeps my hair incredibly moisturized for my wash and go. Love it!