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It’s Finally Here…The Best of Both Worlds! The Frizz control of a cream with the shine and hold of a gel. It’s Cre’Gel®!

Enjoy this wonderful blend from our Handcrafted Collection. We have curated this elixir with care selecting only the best ingredients. Our team infuses the botanicals by hand to ensure the best quality is delivered to you.

The Coconut Oil gives your hair shine and moisture while the Urbanbella Botanical Gel Blend gives you curl definition!

Great for wash-n-go styles, fingerstyles, twist sets and many more stylish textured hair-do’s. And no long drying time.

Urbanbella Natural Hair Tutorial

This video is a collection of Natural Hair Styles using Urbanbella Products.  The styles here range from twist sets to Urbanbella Wash-n-Go's.  We want you to see our products at work on multiple textures.


What is it?

A styling gel for natural hair that defines curls.

How to use:

After rinsing out conditioner apply Cre'Gel in 2-inch sections to from root to tip for Wash-n-GO

For Twist Sets apply a small glaze of gel (pea size amount) to each twist

Dry under hood-dryer for longest lasting results or air dry for a speedy finish


Ph 5 -5.5

Key Ingredients:

Castor Oil
Uses the strength of micelles (microscopic spheres suspended in soft water) to attract dirt, oil, and makeup like a magnet.

Linseed Extract (Handmade)
High shine and flexible hold for curls

Full ingredient list


Water, Xanthan Gum, Linseed Extract, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Nectar, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Fragrance, Pectin, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid

Claims: Medium Hold and Curl Stretch in a Gel

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Yvonne Moore
It Works For Me!

I have used Cre’Gel numerous times in the past 4+ years. This product is amazing for a wash-n-go style. It works well on my 4C type hair! The product has the right balance of hold and softness plus it smells so good. However, in the winter I will mix .75% Cre’Gel and .25% Tamu (more moisture is needed). My only complaint is approximately five days from the use of this product I start to see flaking. I do not know if the flaking is caused by my intense work outs and sweating in my head/hair. Neverless, I would recommend this product. Thank you Urbanbella!

Erin Webley
Impressed with products and customer service

First, let me say that I am thoroughly impressed with not only the products but customer service I've received from Urbanbella! Like many naturalistas, I have been trying tons of different products since doing a big chop last year. Other products have worked somewhat but never last past 1-2 days or I've had to add something else to make them work better which would cause build up. I bought the whole Wash & Go set and the Cre'Gel is AMAZING!!! Together with the technique I studied on the Urbanbella website (so key to making it work), I had awesome definition! I still have some practicing to do but I am so happy that I didn't have to use 2-3 products to get definition, moisture and hold - Cre-Gel does all three! Just like the tutorial recommended, I topped it off with a bit of the Shine Butter & Moisture Cream and was good to go. Even ran the next day in humid weather and my hair looked great, just spritzed some water, scrunched a bit and I was good! I am a customer for life, just ordered the rest of the line too! I also appreciate the guidance Urbanbella provides for each product. I get so frustrated trying to interpret how to use other products because the directions are either lacking or so general that you can't figure them out. Stop wasting your money and try Urbanbella, the products and hair education are worth every penny!!!

Robin Howell
Best gel ever

This is the best gel ever!!! Since transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I've had problems finding a gel that would keep my hair from frizzing until now. This gel is the best, hands down! I experience zero frizz and it smells wonderful! I will not use any other gel from this point forward! Thanks for a great product!!

Chandra Harris
Makes our curls pop!

Formula No.49 Cre'Gel makes our curls pop!! It is awesome for a two strand twist out too. I has taken my natural hair game to a new level. Thank you Urbanbella...We love you!!!

Curl definition is popping!

i don't usually write reviews about products, but this one certainly deserves one. It is so far the best product that I have ever used for a wash and go and i have type 4 hair. It's moisturizing, it has so much slip, the application is so easy especially because it has a pump. Curl definition is popping!! but with a soft hold! Amazing because not many products can do that! I will definitely be repurchasing this product and I recommend it to everyone no matter what your natural hair type is! oh and it smells Amazing!!! last but not least it does not take the whole day to dry! Amazing! Amazing! I'm looking forward to try the # 54 gel from them!