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Urbanbella Detangling Comb

Winter wreaks havoc on your skin by zapping out moisture faster than you can get dressed in the morning!

We know how it goes...you start with lotion in the morning and by noon you look like you've been playing in flour.


What you will love about this Detangling Comb
  • It detangles fast
  • Contain skin-loving ingredients to keep your skin softer longer like Banana Fruit Extract and Honey Extract
  • Olive Oil evens the texture and tone of your skin while giving you a beautiful glow
  • Silk Amino Acids - now we love this stuff - we just spray this on from time to time for a healthy glow  - but it also helps keep your skin young looking and helps your skin hold on to moisture


What is it?

A Detangling Comb

How to use:

Comb thru small sections of your hair with conditioner on


Easy time managing your natural hair



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