Urbanbella Wash N Go Trio®

This Full-Size Set Contains:
Urbanbella No.7 – 12 oz – Non-Lather Cleanser our peppermint infused shampoo by deeply cleansing your scalp and preventing clogged follicles. Our wonderful formula gently removes build-up and debris while giving you moisturized hair.

Urbanbella No.4 – 12 oz – Hydrating Conditioner The Hydrating Conditioner also glides through your tangled hair like melted butter, making it easy for you to manage your hair.

Urbanbella No.49 Cre’Gel – 8 oz -This Urbanbella Botanical Gel Blend gives you curl definition! Great for wash-n-go styles, fingerstyles, twist sets and many more stylish textured hair-do’s. And no long drying time.


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