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Urbanbella Bath+Body

We Are So Excited to Announce the Arrival of the Urbanbella Bath + Body Collection!

Keeping your skin soft and moisturized when the merciless chills of winter start creeping in can take serious work.  First, you have to find a lotion that lasts during the course of the day.  Then you have to add vaseline to your extra dry areas...like those elbows and feet.

Well Good News!  A distinctively better product has popped up ---- The Urbanbella Bath + Body Collection!

We've loaded our body products with the things that will really moisturize your skin and keep it that way. 

  • Kokum Butter and Mango Butter really leave the skin soft and supple while sealing in moisture and hydration.  
  • Sunflower Oil to keep in moisture and give your skin a beautiful glow
  • Silk Amino Acids to increase the hydration level on your skin 

And a whole lot more!