Natural Hair Styles for the Holidays

November 24, 2018

Natural Hair Styles for the Holidays

Natural Hair Styles for the Holidays

During the year, most of us can agree that our main focus when it comes to our hair, is keeping it healthy, easily maintained, and sometimes just figuring out what works and what doesn’t. If this is you, you’re definitely not alone. With the holiday season here, it’s the perfect time to finally “let your hair down” and try your hand at styling. Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple, we have a few ideas that YOU can do at home to give your natural hair a little spice for the holidays.

Tips Before You Style

We know you’re ready to pull up that tutorial you’ve been eyeing all year to get started but, before that, there are few things you want to make sure you take care of first to ensure you get the best results:

  • Make sure your hair is clean. This sounds fairly simple but so many of us are so excited to try all the new styles, new products, and new routines…on dirty hair. You don’t want to label your style a fail before you’ve even given it a chance by trying it on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed. Make sure to wash your hair with a gentle shampoo like the Urbanbella No.7 Non-Lather Cleanser and condition as well before you try your new style. This will help your hair look its best and hold the style longer.
  • Try the style beforehand. How many of us can relate to this scenario: We go through all the motions with washing, conditioning, maybe even treating our hair. We pull up the YouTube video and follow all of the directions to a “T”. And an hour before we’re supposed to actually be somewhere, we realize our style just did not come out right. Save yourself some last minute panic by trying the style a few days or a week beforehand to make sure you understand the techniques and products that will make this style a success.
  • Start simple and work your way up. If you’re not used to styling your natural hair yourself, just because it’s the holidays does not mean you want to try out the most complex and 27 step hairstyle for the season. Start out with something simple with just a few steps and minimal products to get used to styling your hair. Once you become more comfortable and aware of the styles you’re able to do (and that your hair can achieve) you’ll be able to move on to more complex styles.

4 Natural Hair Styles to Try for the Holidays

Okay now, that you’ve been prepped, it’s on to the fun part: choosing your holiday natural hairstyle. There are so many types of styles you can do regardless of your hair type or length. Here are some of the easiest options to try this holiday season.

The protective style – If you want to keep your hair protected and really take your holiday hair style to the next level, you might want to think about trying a protective style. There are so many options available that can allow you to achieve the kinky, straight, colorful hairstyles of your dreams without causing any stress to your natural hair. This is also a great option for those who just aren’t ready to try styling their hair as, for the most part, you can tuck your hair safely away while you style away.

The updo – There is nothing more classic for a special occasion than an updo. And when you have natural hair, you can take your updo to the next level but fluffing it out, pinning it up, keeping it curly, adding some twists, or pinning it down. Yes, the options are endless. We love a cute pompadour for an elegant party or a night out for the holidays.

The adorned curls – While some of us love to wear hair jewelry year round, some of us are a bit more reserved. If you usually find yourself eyeing the hair jewelry in your favorite store yet leaving empty handed, the holidays are the perfect time to try it out. You can adorn your curls with classic hair jewelry or tone it down with a chic headband or something more subtle. Whatever you choose, take advantage of this bright season to add a little light to your holiday hair.

The stylish twist out:  We all love twist outs but let’s be honest, sometimes they can be more time consuming than we’d like. If you’re hoping to try a twist out style that matches that joy and the spirit of the season, this is the perfect time for it. The key with perfecting a twist out is using a good styler like the Urbanbella No. 10 Stretch + Twist + Curl Cream. Take your time with this style and make sure to smooth your hair while you’re twisting to ensure your getting curls that shine. If you can keep your hair twisted for a day or two before untwisting, that will help you achieve the best definition and using a styling tool at the root can help give the hair a bit more volume.

How to Maintain Your Hairstyle

What you do after your style is done is just as important as what you do before. Especially for women doing styles like protective styles and twist outs. You want to make sure you give your hair some extra time and attention when you’re unraveling and taking down your style. For protective styles, you don’t want to keep it in too long without giving your real hair that care that it needs. And if you are going for a super curly twist or braid out, it’s important that you take some much needed time to detangle. After a particularly intense style where you’re pulling, twisting, and manipulating your hair, take some time to give it a little extra treatment like the Urbanbella No. 14 Coconut Repair Mask.