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What is the Difference Between Moisture and Hydration?

August 09, 2021 1 Comment

What is the  Difference Between Moisture and Hydration?

On a recent Facebook Live a long time Urbanbella Tribe Member asked me to Clarify the Difference between Moisture and Hydration.  I have recapped for you the difference between the two and how you can improve both using your Urbanbella Natural Hair System.

If you would like to hear my answer to her I have included the video below for you to hear my explanation.  

Are Moisture and Hydration The Same Thing?

The short answer is no but they do work together to achieve your goals which is soft and healthy hair. And skin for that matter.  

What is the Difference?


Hydration comes from water.  Plain and simple.  However, let's level up our knowledge about Hydration.  You can have other ingredients in your products (hair, bath and body, skincare) that help BOOST hydration on the surface and below the surface.  In hair care you hear about ingredients like Glycerin, Honey, Honey extracts, nectar and more professional ingredients like Propanediol,  Glycols, Hyaluronic Acid (this is in Free Face Serum I gave away). These things are humectants and they help to bind moisture to your hair and skin.  They are important in achieving your goal which is to increase the moisture on your hair.


Moisture comes from oil and butters.  For a lack of a better way to explain it you need the fatty oils, butters and water to achieve your moisture goals.  But you truly can transform  hair and skin with long term benefits from the fatty acids in butters and oils.  An example of a Fatty Acid is Lauric Acid found in coconut oil, which can actually penetrate the hair shaft and supply the hair with vitamins and nutrients and prevents breakage.  Oils and butters also help to lubricate the hair shaft which helps you keep your hair hydrated.  When you use products that claim they have a lot of oil an butter in them and then you use them and wonder why your hair is dry later that day or the next day it is because they contain only a drop of oil or butter.  But since the product was mostly water it did not have enough of the ingredients to help you maintain the hydration and therefore no moisture.  Not long enough anyway.

Which One do I need?

You need a healthy balance of both.  Products that help improve the hydration level of your hair such as the Urbanbella Collection of Conditioners are also helping raise the level of hydration on your hair.  You also need products such a Urbanbella No.23 Hydrating Moisturizing Cream. This product is going to have a dual impact on your hair...providing both moisture and hydration.

But I am using a Natural Hair Products...Why is My Hair Still Dry?

It could be a combination of things.  Usually the No.1 Culprit is cheap products that is full of water and does not have enough of the other ingredients that actually increase hydration and then help to seal it in.  Just wetting the hair and adding more watery product will result in disappointing hair results. In short, you will want to Level Up your products first. Check out this Article to guide you through my Questions about getting rid of Dry Natural Hair.

What Product Help Build Hydration?

Cleansing and Conditioning Duo

Neat Nourishing Conditioner

Organic Coconut Cream Repair Mask

What Products Help Build Moisture?

No.9 Hair Shine Butter

No.23 Hydrating Moisturizing Cream

Neat Hydrating Moisturizing Cream


Take a Listen to the Facebook Live to Hear Me Explain It





I would love if you would share the video with others who may be looking for guidance with their natural hair.  

I go live on Facebook every Thursday to demonstrate Natural Hair Techniques, answer your questions about Natural Hair and How to Use your Urbanbella Product.  Not to mention my jokes and shenanigans. 

Of course always feel free to comment below so that I can answer your questions here on my website!  Thank you for checking out this article and I hope it was helpful.


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Raynise Smith
Raynise Smith

August 09, 2021

Very clarifying! Thank you.

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