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The Benefits of Washing Your Natural Hair Every Week

October 08, 2019

The Benefits of Washing Your Natural Hair Every Week

Wash day. Even though we know we have to do it – we sometimes get anxiety thinking about how long it’s going to take and how many steps, products, and techniques are involved. Rather than focusing on wash day as a chore, let’s start thinking about it as a day of pampering.

Get comfortable with water. Too many of us think we can go weeks without actually washing our hair and the truth is our hair needs to be washed regularly.

At Urbanbella, we love to teach our clients about healthy hair habits so they can feel empowered and educated about how to care for their hair in between visits.  We have outlined below the basic steps and basic tools needed to make your Hair Washing Day nice and smooth.

  1. The Benefits of Weekly Washing
    1. Shinier Hair
    2. Longer Lasting Styles
    3. Hydrated Hair
    4. Women who are happier with the overall condition, look and feel of their natural hair
  1. Your process for a Natural Hair Wash Day
    1. Pre-Detangle
    2. Cleanse
    3. Condition
    4. Detangle
    5. Deep Condition
    6. Style
    7. Moisturize
  1. Prep Your Arsenal.  Ensuring you have what you need makes this process much easier and faster.  Here is a list of key items that make for a quick and easy wash process.
    1. Detangling Comb or Brush
    2. Clips for Sectioning Hair
    3. Towels
    4. Dry and/or Steam Hydrating Machine
    5. Set of Cleansers
    6. Set of Conditioners for Detangling and Deep Treating
    7. Styling Gel or Styling Cream
    8. Moisturizer and Leave-in Conditioner
  1. Step by Step
    1. Thoroughly Drench Hair with water and begin removing product, dirt, oil and debris.
    2. Decide if it is time to use a lathering cleanser on your hair and scalp and if so massage on scalp only, focusing on the roots. This keeps you from drying out the ends of your hair.  Lather shampoo is designed to help remove excess build-up and oil which is mostly located at the scalp and very little at the ends.  Hair at the ends is naturally more brittle and dry.
    3. Follow with a non-lather cleanser to deeply cleanse scalp but restore moisture to hair strands and begin the detangling process.
    4. Part hair into manageable sections and use clips to keep sectioned hair out of your way.
    5. Apply a detangling conditioner and comb or brush through hair beginning with the ends first and working your way to the roots, section by section.  The conditioner makes it easier to glide your comb or brush right through the hair. Rinse once completed.
    6. Apply any needed Leave-In to ensure top performance of your styling product.
    7. Apply your styling product as needed for your natural hairstyle.

Tell us what’s in your Wash Day Routine?
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