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How to Get Your Natural Hair Style to Last 8 Days or More! - Part 1

August 16, 2021 1 Comment

How to Get Your Natural Hair Style to Last 8 Days or More! - Part 1

Although the natural hair movement has been going for quite sometime,  almost 18 years for Urbanbella, there is still a large portion of  our community that are trying to get THEIR perfect solution for the perfect curl.  
One thing that is a struggle is once you think you have the perfect curl and the perfect look it just does not last long enough.  Sometimes it last for a few days and in worse case scenarios only a few hours.

I recently did a  Facebook Live this week where I walked through what steps you need to take to get your Natural Hair Style to Last. It was a bit lengthy (2 Hours with the Q&A) So I am going to break it up into 2 parts for you.  

This Blog post is Part 1 and I will post Part 2 here on the A Beautiful Life Blog for you. Here are the first few things you can do to get your hairstyle to last longer...

Level Up Your Products 

I'm just going to say it.  Most of the stuff out there is just watered down junk.  And that will not get great results that can last.  Sure it probably looks good on the first day. But not long after that.  And if you are going to put in the effort then you want it to last.   When I go into the lab and make products I am trying to see how I can make your natural hair process easier.  And one of the first goals is to make sure that the product helps your style to last.  I do this by using enough of the ingredients that add to that.   My collection will make your hair look good for several days. This is true for Urbanbella Hydrating and Moisturizing Products as well.  The moisture lasts for several days and this is key in getting your styles to last.

Choose the Right Product for the Job

Start by understanding yours goals for hair.  Are you looking for softness with the finish? Do you need a firmer finish based on your climate and hair softness? I always recommend a good balance between these two. You need real power in your hair gels that is going to hold but won't leave your hair feeling brittle. Botanical gels like the Urbanbella Styling Collection will give you the softness you want or firmness you want for Wash-N-Go's and any other textured styles. Products such as moisturizers won't get the job done if we are aiming for long lasting style.  And mousses tend to be too light and fluffy to provide longevity. Mousses are nice but when you use them your styles last for few days max.

Maximize your moisture with a good weekly washing routine

You will need to wash and deep condition your hair weekly with your Urbanbella Products. This is truly how you avoid having dry hair. And dry hair kills hair styles. Quickly.  Well moisturized hair has greater flexibility, elasticity and can keep hair hair styles looking nice end polished. To take things up a notch you can steam your hair every week. This increases your elasticity even more and increases how long your styles last because of the additional hydration.

Let Your Hair Fully Dry

Hair that is air dried is going to be puffier and shrink more. Once you have applied your hair gel it is best to immediately go under a hooded-dryer to set your style in its best state. Even though you probably cannot tell, it starts to frizz faster than it dries. This will leave you with some fly-aways and areas that do not look as polished. If you hop under the dryer right away you are "freezing" your style in place while it's practically perfect. This gives your more shine and stretch which adds to your style looking better.
Once your hair is fully dry from root to tip you can begin to fluff and style and create volume.

So What's Next

These are the First 4 Tips you need and make sure you have these under your belt. Next we will dive in the the second part of what to do to get your Natural Hair Style to last. And a little sneak peak... I will be sharing a demo on how to properly apply your products.


Tell me how long your natural hair styles are currently lasting???  You can comment below and let me know how you are doing with your weekly routine. I want you to get the most from your efforts and I know you can get 8 Days or more out of your style!

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August 25, 2021

Mornings are better bc of Urbanbella not spending 25-30 minutes doin my hair

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